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PurePower recognizes the dedication and commitment of those who serve and the families who support them in doing so. We are honored to support active and retired service members through two primary means:

  • PurePower’s military support program, which offers a 50% discount for service members on all of our products, including the PurePower System ( Just fill out the form to apply.
  • PurePower’s support of Veterans Adaptive Sports, which you can learn more about below.

Fill out this form and attach an image of your Military ID or Certificate of Release to apply for our Military Discount.

  • Attach a scanned image of your valid military ID
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Veterans Adaptive Sports (VAS)

VAS is an all-volunteer organization that promotes adaptive sports and outdoor adventure for disabled military veterans, in order to rejuvenate and inspire them to recapture their lives. At the core of PurePower’s mission, we believe athletics can help heal and transform and therefore feel honored to support VAS programs that include outdoor athletics like biking, sailing, scuba diving and skiing. The ultimate goal is to empower disabled veterans to make athletics and their chosen sport part of their daily lives, not only to stay healthy but also to help them maintain a sense of purpose and continue to positively impact others with the same courage and commitment they demonstrated in service.

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